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I have personally known Frank for many years and wholeheartedly and assuredly recommend him for any and all your real estate needs.

Frank’s good, honest character will become immediately evident once you meet and work with him.

Richard Bush

I recommend Franklin for a few reasons!

My TOP 2 Reasons Why I Recomment Frankin: 1. He is genuine 2. He is dedicated I could write a long paragraph but at the end of the day the only 2 things you need from a realtor is genuinely and dedication. Next time you are looking to buy or sell your home, contact Franklin, you will be happy you did!

Ashley Gunther

Frank is such a good hearted person who will work his hardest to get you in to your dream home.

He has a work amazing ethic and will always do his best for you Trust in his abilities to get you what you need for you and your family!

Jason Guerra

Franklin Torres = A given even if you personally don't know him; is a man of integrity, professional and genuine.

Mauro Estrada

You’re a self testimonial Mr.

Torres. I know in your previous comments you began by saying your just starting, but I beg the differ sir. You’ve accomplished establishing a starter home for your family, then a sell with a relocation to a major metropolitan area, and then again to a wonderful home you’ve build from the ground up in an affluent area of San Antonio Texas for your family. Those are the great stories that will make you a successful realtor, who focuses on their values of providing a great home for there clients needs. I have no doubt in my mind that you will put your clients needs before anyone else’s. God bless and best wishes on your new venture sir.

John Gomez

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